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Box Openings With Fan2Stage?

Should Box Openings be live with the Fan2Stage Virtual Audience Server?

As the COOLTOYS® TV Host I decided I didn’t want to wait until Season 4 before I could hear the laughter of fans again. As stuff shows up for season four like the Hero Grill, Growler Works uKeg 128 and Fat Shark RC VR Goggles, I decided to open the boxes live.

If you don’t want to miss a single video, make sure you download the F2S App. That way you can see all of the box openings before anyone else. The minute they come in, I’ll pick a time to open the box live on COOLTOYS TV. If you have the F2S App, you will be the first to know.

Being part of a virtual audience can be a lot of fun even for box openings. Not only do I like to hear from you, fans tell me they like being a part of the show again. The Fan2Stage virtual audience system is the only way to be a part of a true virtual audience experience.

What can be better than instant feedback. Don’t like what’s in the box, hit the Boo button. Love it, hit the cheer button. Be a real part of the show, virtually.