Christian Erik Late Night Union

Christian Erik joins F2S

The launch

Fan2Stage started out as a solution for college sports. When the University of North Dakota was scheduled to host the national collegiate hockey championships without an audience, Scott Bourquin found an answer, or so he thought. The tournament was cancelled but the idea continued.

Being a long time friend of the lead singer of Late Night Union, Scott realized there is still a need. That lead singer is Christian Erik. Talking with Christian, Scott realized that bands and independent musicians need a way to connect with fans. They didn’t need a whole team to put on a show.

Posting a video on YouTube sounds great, but all great artists need real feedback. Fan2Stage was created to fill the gap and keep the fans connected.

First at bat

When there was no sports there was still live music online. With our founders background in the audio industry, he had friends that wanted to play. The beach music scene in Huntington Beach isn’t only a game for unknowns. Hit that right bar on the right night and you could see A list locals on stage.

The problem was that the musicians could only see how many people logged on. They couldn’t see if the fans are enjoying the show or now. Fan2Stage is the answer. The team realized that Fan2Stage might be too much for a lot of struggling artists. So we created F2S.Live.

With F2S anyone can get feedback from real fans. If you don’t think feedback matters, watch any show online. The artists just don’t get to their peak. The ball players don’t get the stoke. Sports and Entertainment are all about the fans! The best TV shows are shot in front of a live audience for that reason.

After a conversation with Christian Erik of Late Night Union, he realized that F2S.Live was a great way to keep connected with fans without breaking the bank. Should you be on F2S.Live

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