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Can Joining F2S.Live Help Your SEO?

We all know backlinking can help your SEO as an artist, but what can F2S do?

It might not be 100% clear, how F2S can help your SEO, so let me explain. F2S was created by and is owned by a marketing company. More specifically an online marketing company. While we would love to handle all of your marketing for you, we get it.If you are here at F2S.Live instead of on our larger platform Fan2Stage, you are not making the big bucks as an artist yet. As our friend Jim Dunlop likes to say, “You are in the Gonna Be” stage of your career.

There is a problem with back linking all artists need to know about. “Buying” backlinks can actually hurt your google standings. If you your biggest YouTube video has 50 views and somehow it has 1000 links, google clearly knows you are buying links.

Help Your SEO Efforts with Social Media and F2S.Live
Is F2S on Your Screen?

Another important factor is “relevance”. That means your website gets links from places other artists and fans hang out. MySpace for instance isn’t a bad place to be for musicians, comedians and other artists. You should also have a Facebook page and instagram account. Yup, those act like back links. Another great place is music forums. Why? Because they are relevant to fans and artists so Google looks at them positively.

How F2S.Live Can Help Your SEO Efforts.

F2S.Live is an entertainment website. While you can buy an account here, you can’t buy your fans. We vet them so robots can’t attend your shows and boost your ratings. That makes your F2S.Live account a relevant and real link to your shows and websites.

Every time you hold a show, the fans connect, anything they capture and post is real and Google knows it. If you record your show that live feedback can be added as a track so you are showing your real skills as an artist and how much the fans enjoyed the show.

F2S.Live – Because Your Show Must Go On!

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