The F2S story began when the covid pandemic threatened live entertainment and sports. We built Fan2Stage to solve the problem of musicians and athletes not being able to hear their fans. It did not take long to realize that all entertainers had the same problem.

Home Studio by Fan2Stage

Realizing that many great artists are stuck at home with no real way to get feedback from their fans we created F2S.Live. Originally called the Home Studio System, we realized a lot of budding artists didn’t have the time, money or skills to install a Fan2Stage server. We also know that newer artists can’t afford to have a dedicated server and big screens to set up a full Fan2Stage system. To solve this problem we created F2S.Live.

F2S is a self contained system hosted completely on our servers for any live video or audio show with 10,000 fans or less. Better yet we priced it less than two latte’s a month. Do you think that being able to get live feedback from your fans no matter where they are is worth $10 a month? How about just $9 a month or $90 a year? 

This is just the beginning

A big part of the F2S Story is that our founder, Scott Bourquin is not only known in the tech industry, he is a regular working actor. He is also friends with several musicians and has a voice recording studio at home for his wife. The first F2S was of course their home studio. Scott insisted that we do everything we can to keep the price down. He also decided for the first 100 artists we should offer five years of access to the artist portal FREE! He is the boss so we are doing just that.

Any events you host that generate more than 300 app connections also get you a free press release on us!

F2S, connecting fans to you.