Fan2Stage Is Accepting Investors!

As we finish the Alpha Testing and move to product release we are Accepting Investors!

Anytime you have a company that has the ability to reach around the globe quickly, capitalism wins. Fan2Stage has generated all of the funds to build the products, apply for patents and trademarks internally. Now we are launching on January 1st as a separate entity and accepting investors.

Accepting investors, get the app, get a share or both!
Fan2Stage Is Accepting Investors

After researching several crowdfunding options, we decided an app company isn’t something to start on Kickstarter or Indegogo. Instead we decided to go with EquityNet.

In order for Fan2Stage to maintain quality and grow, we need capital. Yes banks are available and our founders have a solid track record. We would rather have investors that are fans and artists just like us.

The money goes straight to the app, the servers and direct marketing to customers. The founders don’t get paid until you are paid back at 1.5X and you still keep your equity. That is a pretty good deal and we thought it was the right way to start 2021 and keep the live shows going.

If you love live shows and want to be a part of them no matter where they are, get the Fan2Stage App. If you want to help get more artists online so there are more shows to watch, invest a little and help a lot.