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Fan2Stage for Everyone – F2S.Live

When we built Fan2Stage, we wanted to bring the live audience back, and make it bigger and better than ever. Even if the fans were stuck at home. When we started building Fan2Stage, we built it to solve the problem of athletes. Without an audience, obviously they couldn’t hear the roar of the fans.

Fans Make The Game

Without fan feedback performance suffers. We all know that a cheering crowd elevates the game. We could see it happening as fans started staying home. Some said the players were brought down by the thoughts of the Pandemic. We raised the BS flag. Without fans to cheer you on, you just don’t do your best.

It’s Not All About Sports

It did not take long to realize that all entertainers had the same problem and we had a solution. But getting a solution that made sense out to the artists wasn’t that easy.

At Fan2Stage, we realized that many great artists are stuck at home with no real way to get feedback from their fans. We also know that they can’t afford to have a dedicated server and big screens in the home studio. This is how we designed the original Fan2Stage system. To solve the problem for at home artists, we created F2S.

F2S is a self contained system hosted completely on our servers for any live video or audio show with 2,500 fans or less. Better yet we priced it less than two latte’s a month. Do you think that being able to get live feedback from your fans no matter where they are is worth $10 a month? How about just $9 a month or $90 a year?

F2S, connecting fans to you.


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