Get Fan2Stage For Live Shows

The Fan2Stage Virtual Audience System is for everyone that hosts live shows.

The Fan Says interface of the fan2stage app for your live shows

It doesn’t matter if you are an up and coming musician or an A list talk show host. With a Virtual Audience Server by Fan2Stage you stay connected with your fans. As the old saying goes, “The show must go on”. At Fan2Stage we are doing everything we can do to make that happen.

Our virtual server system coupled with the Fan2Stage app lets you host real shows with a real audience. They might not be sitting right in front of you, but they are there, and you can hear them. This is not your engineer pressing the cheer button, this is real feedback from a real audience.

After two episodes of COOLTOYS® season 3, the hosts realized that chat boxes made it worse not better. With Fan2Stage for live shows, the hosts get realtime feedback from a real audience without having to stop and read chat boxes or see who is “raising their hands”. Now every episode of COOLTOYS® uses the Fan2Stage system

Our plans for at home artists cost less than a couple of trips to the coffee shop. We also offer complete dedicated systems for TV studios and larger venues that want to combine the live experience with virtual or go all virtual. A virtual audience server reduces security costs and the risk of becoming the focus after a viral outbreak.

Keep your show going and keep your fans engaged with Fan2Stage!

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