Fan2Stage is Free For the first 1000 Artists!

Fan2Stage is Free! Why? Because we get it, Fan2Stage isn’t working exactly as we had designed it to work so we dropped the price while we work on it and build a better virtual audience system for you

Fan2Stage is Free and so is Fan2Field until the end of the year
Fan2Field $1 for a Year?

If you bought a plan you should have seen a full refund already. We can’t make it better without more artists, hosts and teams using the system. Only then can we see how it works for you.

In order to get more users on the system, we have made the basic plan free, and the next two plans only $1 for the first year.

If you have a webcam at your field and a PA system all you need is an old phone or tablet to run the entire Fan2Stage system and bring a live audience to every game. Some of your teams fans could be miles away, but with a webcam they can watch the game and with Fan2Stage they can cheer on the players from anywhere.

The Fan2Field sports edition is on its way and while we finish it up, we are offering the Fan2Stage version for free until 12/31/21 or $1 for the first year! Any F2S plan can convert to Fan2Field once the app is finished at no charge.

When you need a virtual audience anywhere and anytime, you need Fan2Stage.

Fan2Stage because “The Audience is here!”