Here is the FAQ list about F2S.Live and what makes it different from Fan2Stage.

What is F2S.Live?

F2S Live is a cloud based tool that lets fans give live feedback to streaming shows by using the Fan2Stage or F2S app.

Is there a fee for the F2S.Live product?

Yes, there is a small fee for each artist depending on the number of shows and participating fans. The FanSays App is a free download for fans with ads and there is a paid premium version without ads.

Can I charge for my shows?

As of today, as of August 2020, F2S.Live does not have a method for charging for shows. Some of the live streaming services have that option. We are looking at a way to include it in the software so a fan can simply click “book it” and buy a ticket. We’ll only add it if we can make it better and easier than the streaming service methods.

How does it work?

While watching your show the fans can open the F2S app and connect to you via the F2S.Live servers. When you log in as the artist, you will see how many are logged in and then depending on your setup get visual or audio feedback letting you know if they are cheering or jeering your show.

Do I need to buy any new hardware?

No. F2S.Live is the cloud based version of Fan2Stage and any laptop* or computer with enough power to handle your streaming output should be able to have a window open to give you fan feedback. If you want to use two separate computers you can do that too.

*See below for tested equipment

How can I hear my fans?

It depends on how you set up your system. When you are logged into the F2S.Live server during your show, fan audio will come through your computer. If you have a headset plugged in, only you will hear it. If you have speakers or monitors, then your microphone may be able to pick up the audio for your fans to hear too.

Will there be a feedback loop?

No because F2S.Live is not sending you the output from your streaming show.

What happens when live shows come back?

Nothing, you can either add the remote fans to your show or continue to do remote shows. F2S helps you grow your fan base regardless of your ability to have a live audience present or not.

What is the difference between Fan2Stage and F2S.Live?

F2S.Live is a hosted, cloud based Fan2Stage server. With Fan2Stage you purchase a separate server and the feedback sounds are customized to your larger studio, stadium or venue. With F2S.Live we use sounds that we created in our studios and the COOLTOYS TV studio with real people and varied group sizes to match your actual show.

What Do I Need To Run F2S.Live for my shows?

There are several options that we have tested. Our primary service is Vimeo Pro LiveStream. High speed internet is key and if you are using WiFi, a solid connection is critical. If you can hook up external speakers or monitors that will give you as the artist better feedback. In a small studio the Mackie 5″ desktop speakers worked well.

We found for talk show style shows, the MacBook Air 2020 with Dolby Atmos speakers was more than sufficient feedback for the hosts that were talking. For musicians, the music over powered the little speakers quickly. A solo musician in a studio, 5″ Mackie monitors were tested.

Tested Software Setup
1. OBS Studio – Stream Deck Attached
MacBook Pro i5 Quad Core and 16gb of Ram or better. Pass
MacBook Air 2011 and 2020 – Fail – both freeze up.

2. Livestream Studio
2020 i5 MacBook Air 8GB Ram – Fair – Occasional jitter
2019 MacBook Pro 16GB – Pass

3. Black Magic Studio – Used with Black Magic Mini Pro ATEM.
MacBook Pro 2019 pass.

4. YouTube Live –
MacBook Air 2020 – Did not work at all with any front end software
OBS, Black Magic ATEM, LiveStream all freeze up
With YouTube running on Chrome, use Black Magic as webcam
MacBook Pro 2019 –

Tested Hardware Setup.

1. iPad Air – Fail
2. iPad Pro – Fail
3. MacBook Air 2011 – Fail
4. MacBook Air 2011 – Fail
All four failed to run any streaming service well, Worked fine with Mevo or other direct to web camera and only running F2S.Live. Speakers were a little weak for artist to hear them.
5. MacBook Air 2020 – Fair- Software dependent
6. MacBook Pro 2019 – Pass- Used with BM ATEM/OSB for COOLTOYS®
7. Lenovo Gaming Laptop i7/16GB – Pass

Basic Setup With Mevo

Mevo Camera
iPad Holder for Stand
Bluetooth Speaker

This is the easiest to set up. While other streaming cameras like a GoPro may work, the Mevo is purpose built for this. As the fans get louder the sound of the fans coming out of the speaker will be picked up by the Mevo microphones. You and your fans will all hear the crowd.

Better Set Up – Canon Camera

MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Mini or 9th gen i7 or better windows machine (no AMD tested as of yet, no reason to think they won’t work)
Studio Monitors
HDMI to USB Video Capture Box
Canon XF100 or better Video Camera (under $500 online good used)
HMDI Cable

Best Setup (Without building a full TV Studio)

This is the exact setup we use for COOLTOYS® TV. It requires someone (6 feet away of course) to run the Black Magic ATEM. This gives you multi camera features so a quarantined band can play in a larger studio live. With this setup the BMCC might be the best camera choice as the ATEM mini Pro can control them remotely. This is a HUGE feature for this price.

MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Mini or 9th Gen intel i7 or better windows machine (no AMD tested as of yet, no reason to think they won’t work)
External monitor 1080p or better
Studio Monitors
Black Magic ATEM Mini Pro
Three Cameras Canon XF100/BMCC or better Video Camera (under $500 online good used)
5 HMDI Cables
3 TriPods