On the featured artist page you will find some of the new artists to F2S.Live. Or maybe some old ones that the staff have listened too and decided to feature. Late Night Union was of course our launch band so they do have a spot here as we kick off F2S.Live for everyone else.

From the Band:

Our mission is to give hope to the hopeless and more inspiration those seeking it. We are a sonic blend of Soundgarden, Black Sabbath, and Incubus. Crackling heavy blues licks, driving dancing bouncing rhythms, and melodic raw powerful singing. with a message of love. The sound is a mix of 70’s metal, 90’s grunge, and today’s rock. We are continuously evolving our writing style to become more emotional and unique. All songs are fully collaborative, each band member adding their chemistry. Late Night Union plays regular live shows in California and did a 2 week tour in Ireland during the summer of 2018. The band recently completed a recording session with Adam Kasper, one of the greatest rock producers in rock history at the iconic Studio X in Seattle. We are currently writing new music and preparing for performances for the Spring and Summer of 2020.

Featured Artist Links – Late Night Union

Featured Artist - Late Night Union

Late Night Union

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