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F2S.Live Seeking Home Bound Artists

F2S.Live is ready for it’s first test runs and is seeking Home Bound Artists

If you are a comedian, or a musician and you miss your live audience, now is your chance to get them back. The hosts at COOLTOYS.TV tried the other products including chatting with fans while they hosted COOLTOYS® on the Vimeo LiveStream platform.

What they needed was the feel and feedback of the real audience, so host Scott created Fan2Stage. Once he realized that Fan2Stage was a little too pricey for most artists, he created F2S.Live and now he wants you to try it out for FREE and tell him if he is on the right track. The first 100 artists that sign on for the test program will get five years access for FREE even after the launch.

Home Bound Artists Studio

We are calling this the “soft launch”. You might be asking what is the catch? The catch is that we want you to join up, host a show from your home or studio and give us your opinion. We also want you to put up links for the F2S app so your fans can find you easily. If you want to hear what your fans think of your music, stop playing to a camera and then seeing the “likes” or “views” afterwards and get F2S.Live and get real time feedback from real fans with the F2S.Live Virtual Audience system.

Interested? Sign up now.

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  1. […] today, August 22nd, 2020 the full beta test has started. We ( Fan2Stage) are looking for artists to sign up and help us test. The App will be available on the Google play store in a day or two and hopefully […]

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