The F2S fan app is gone, but there is good news. After a year of testing and re-design, we created the Live Fan App.

If you miss live shows, they are back with the Fan2Stage Virtual Audience Systems (VAS). With both a server based VAS for large venues and now the F2S cloud based Virtual Audience System there is a system for every sized event and budget. Never miss a show again. There is nothing like the energy of a live event. Now with F2S you can help add real energy to the show, game or other live event.

You show the people on stage how much you like (or dislike the show) by pressing buttons to cheer, laugh, boo, whistle and more. The faster you press and the more people that join the show the louder it gets in their studio and in the show if they followed our setup instructions.

Great New Live Shows

If you aren’t sure what shows you want to watch, you can search in the live fan app based on genre, type of show, artists names and more. Who knows what you will find. Much easier than trying to find a cool video on most video websites, and with Fan2Stage you only know about live shows you can be a part of. At the end of the show you can add the host as a favorite, tip them for a great show and review them so they can make the next show even better.

Real fan interaction and energy that makes the show great. Without fans it isn’t a real show. The App is live! get yours today and tell your favorite Entertainers and Artists they can sign up here and start pre-booking shows now!

This isn’t just for musicians. Comedians, YouTube stars, houses of worship and even influencers can get connected to fans with F2S.Live.

Now Available In Google Play Store and Apple App Store!

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