Live-Stream Sports Need A Live Audience!

Live-Stream sports want to hear your cheers and jeers.

If you are a sports fan at home watching live, you might be able to be a real part of the audience. With the Fan2Field version of Fan2Stage, sports teams can very easily add a live audience to the game. All you need is a speaker and a web enabled device. Yup that big portable Boom Box and a cell phone or tablet with an internet connection and the audience is now on the field.

While working with musicians and live shows, the team and Fan2Stage realized that we could do better. One of our potential customers was watching his kids little league game live. He was doing this in our meeting! So we decided to make the game better. We decided to find an inexpensive way for sports teams to get more from their audience. We immediately created new plans for sports teams the use a webcam to live stream the game.

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WebCams and Live-Stream Sports

One of the difficult issues with live-streamed sports games is that the players need that live feedback. They are no different than a musician on stage or a politician. All the coach needs to do is sign up as an artist on the Fan2Stage website, and the sports options will be there.

A sports only version called Fan2Field is in the works. For now though your team or field with a webcam can sign up as an artist, and get on of the discounted sports plans.

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