New Year, New F2S Plans Coming

You Spoke, we listened, new F2S Plans are on the way.

Now that 2021 has started, there is a lot going on here at Fan2Stage. The F2S Live servers are being updated to improve reliability and add features. But you expect that with every app. More importantly, there have been a lot of great suggestions and requests for changes to the app, and we are listening. Version 2.0 is in the works.

We’ve been busy here creating test shows and pushing the system to the limit. All COOLTOYS® TV updates are still live and using Fan2Stage, so join in and see how it works if you aren’t sure if a virtual audience is for you.

New F2S Plans keep live shows going- virtually
Live isn’t Dead, it is virtual with new F2S plans!

Key Updates:
1. Dark Theme – No white backgrounds while watching a show.
2. Tip Jar – help artists keep the show going
3. Paid Shows – Artists can sell different levels of tickets to shows.
4. Better Audio options like the server versions.
5. Use show proceeds to cover Artist monthly costs.
6. Bigger Audience Options – great for talk shows and other live taped events.

Live shows are not gone, they are just going virtual. If you host live shows get started today and lock in the 2020 launch pricing on the new F2S plans for two years. When version 2.0 releases, so do the new plan prices. Don’t worry, for smaller artists we’ll still have a plan that is less than two latte’s a month.

Keep the suggestions coming and look for the release of version 2.0 soon!