New Look For Fan2Stage

Fan2Stage is about to get a new look. As we split the app into different areas, we felt like F2S needed a little more.

If you want to check out the new look, click here.

We realized that Fan2Stage could do more than just keep artists and hosts connected with their fans. Fan2Stage adds life and energy to the event that can’t be achieved without a full house. Our patent pending technology allows your fans to give live feedback to your show. If you host any kind of show where your audience isn’t in the room with you, you need to get Fan2Stage.

OnStage with the New Look for Fan2Stage

The Fan App

The all new fan app is now called Live Fan. Live Fan has the option to tip the artists. The current version of F2S is going to be replaced with the “Fan2Stage” app. In the new version there are dark mode graphics so you aren’t lighting up the room while you enjoy the show. The tip feature is a great way to tell the host if you enjoyed the show, kick a couple bucks their way. The new Fan App for Fan2Stage brings the show one step closer no matter where you are.

The OnStage App

The new OnStage App works for both artists and show hosts that want to connect to fans around the country. Just because they can’t make your show in person doesn’t mean they can’t be there and you can’t hear from them. With your fans on the Fan2Stage app, fans can applaud, cheer, whistle and even boo. At the end of your event, your fans can give feedback that helps you move on to the next show. Our biggest addition is the ability of your fans to fill your tip jar. The new look of Fan2Stage is both the Fan App and the OnStage app.

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