Are You Passionate About Fans?

If you are passionate about your fans, you need Fan2Stage or F2S Virtual Audience.

When the pandemic hit, I quickly realized that I needed to still connect with fans. The first videos I made were called “Quarant-Streams” a blend of Quarantine and Live Streams. Honestly the quarantstream videos are a bit dry.

There were two problems with those videos. First I was genuinely quarantined and could not get within 10 feet of people. This was early in the pandemic when people thought of Covid-19 as instant death. Thankfully that part hasn’t been true.

The second problem was the lack of fans. I’ll openly admit, I am terrible at auditioning as an actor. When it is just me and one person in the room filming with a stone cold face, I have to dig really deep. That is a lot harder to do than most might think. Put me in front of an audience and I have a blast and the audience knows it. Working on TV shows that are taped in front of a live audience is one of my favorite things to do.

The Pandemic Challenge

The service for LiveStreams I use at CoolToys included both a Q&A capability and a Chat capability. When Josh joined CoolToys, we turned on the chat and Q&A. I thought that would help both of us. In some ways it made it worse. We had to stop the show read the comments and questions and then address them. It isn’t the same as a live audience.

That is why I created Fan2Stage and later the F2S cloud based version. A virtual audience is about as good as it gets during a pandemic. Any performer or host can have a show at home with a virtual audience system and feel the audience. You can hear the cheers and jeers as well as see what they are doing on a graph.

Listen To Your Fans

Fan2Stage Virtual Audience System for those who are passionate about fans.
Passionate about your fans?

If you are a comedian at home missing the laughter of a live audience get F2S. Musician missing the cheering? Get F2S. We priced it for less than a cup of coffee. You get your fans back, your fans get to let you know how you are doing for real. No engineer adding the sounds they think fans should make. You get real energy from real fans no matter where they are.

If you are passionate about fans, you need to get a virtual audience system. Fan2Stage is the only true virtual audience system and F2S.Live is the only cloud based system that doesn’t require any new equipment!

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