F2S Live First 100!


F2S Live First 100 – Complete and Online.  No Hardware, just log in and connect to fans!

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FREE To the first 100 Artists to join the F2S platform.  This is our F2S Live 1000 plan, Free!  Join now and get the first year on us!

Complete cloud based F2S Live.  Host live shows from your studio on any livestream platform and get realtime live feedback from your fans!

Once we verify your account, you’ll appear in the F2S app for new fans around the world to find you in addition to your fans that can connect you as a favorite in their F2S App.

The F2S Live first 100 plan allows up to 1000 fans to give feedback at the same time and you can host up to 10 shows a month.  And remember, for being first, it is Free!


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