Right Wing Tree Hugger Joins F2S

The Right Wing Tree Hugger podcast is now part of the F2S family. You’ll be able to chat, laugh, cheer and even boo the hosts as they talk about responsibility in all parts of life.

The Right Wing Tree Hugger website was started because American politics were saying one thing and doing another in both parties. The “green” party didn’t cut it either as far as the #RWTH hosts were concerned. Host Scott felt like he didn’t have any reasonable choices. Scott says that many people called George W. Bush the “Oil President”. He disagrees, pointing out that the Bush home in Crawford Texas is one of the most environmentally friendly homes you can build.

#RWTH – How it Started

Scott was given the nickname right wing tree hugger by a hard right neighbor. This happened after an arguement over using solar power on homes and driving electric cars. Scott’s electric out ran the republican loudmouths SRT. It did so using solar power.

They both agreed that recycling is a joke and plastics weren’t cutting it. Plastic is rarely recycled and a lot of it ends up in the ocean eventually becoming micro plastic pollution. Scott questioned the viability of plastic pitchers and disposable filters vs plastic bottles in an article he wrote for BeachStreetNews.com. He now has a filter system using paper and charcoal cartridges at home and drinks bottled water from glass bottles.

Scott points out that glass is infinitely recyclable and nature will take care of it for us if we don’t. The same isn’t true with plastics, but Scott thinks we can solve the problem. Scott says that getting more by spending less on plastics is a long term economic myth. He says that quality should always outdo quantity. His philosophy is that if you can’t own an item that is built to last and be recycled or break down naturally, maybe you shouldn’t buy it and save the money.

If you believe responsibility is a duty we all share, then maybe you are a Right Wing Tree Hugger.

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