COOLTOYS.TV Uses F2S for Live Stream

When the shutdown started, the hosts of COOLTOYS TV tried to use the “chat” and “Q&A” on livestream.  The truth is it didn’t work.  Until they brought in someone to read the chats and raise a flag, they simply couldn’t read the chats and keep up with the show.  The solution was of course to have a moderator, but during Covid Times or even low budget show times, the money and people just aren’t there.

F2S FanSay App Patent Pending used by COOLTOYS tv

Fan2Stage was the solution they were looking for.  The hosts of the show get instant feedback from the fans.  Funny joke, they know it, bad pun, they hear it.  Better yet, with the studio monitors turned up just a little, the in studio microphones picked up the Fan Feedback from Fan2Stage and they liked the show better too!

Shows are all about the fans.  Yes the COOLTOYS® hosts have a little bit of an ego, and all performers do.  If they didn’t, it wouldn’t be fun to watch their ego mess up the show.  More importantly though is that the fan feedback is what feeds that ego.  Actors that don’t perform live commonly go into a deep depression when they aren’t working while they wait for the movie or TV show to be seen by the audience.  The hosts of COOLTOYS Tv are no different.

With live shows, the performers know exactly what the fans think of the show.  The Virtual Audience Server® by Fan2Stage is the only way that happens in a live online show.  The patent pending technology is the only way to get live fan feedback in a virtual show that is real.

Just hitting “applause” or “cheer” in the booth doesn’t cut it.  The athletes and performers know in their heads who is doing it.  When real fans sent feedback with the Fan2Stage F2S App, they know it is real.  Real feedback makes better shows.  Better shows = more fans.  If you don’t have F2S, why not?