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F2S FanSay App Patent Pending

COOLTOYS Host Introduces F2S and FanSays®

CoolToys TV Host Scott introduces the new F2S and FanSays cloud based Fan2Stage System. Missing your audience? Want to cheer at a show and have them hear you? F2S does that! F2S and FanSays are two of the three components for the new cloud based Fan2Stage system. The reason for being cloud based is to …

Home Bound Artists Studio

What is F2S?

Yesterday I was asked “What is F2s”? Well, F2S is the Cloud Version of the Fan2Stage® Virtual Audience System. You may not know me, but I am an “E-List” actor and the creator/host of COOLTOYS TV. Many years ago, I realized I liked a live audience way better than just studio work. Even the laughter …