What is a Virtual Audience Server

A Virtual Audience Server is the nickname for Fan2Stage

If you have ever been to a live event, you know that most of the fun is really the energy from the fans. The folks on stage feel that energy and take their work to the next level. That in turn creates a bigger fan reaction. Eventually everyone runs out of energy and the event is over, and a great memory for everyone.

Since the “shelter in place” and “self quarantine” socially distant world became “normal” in early 2020 we have been improving Fan2Stage. Just because you can’t go to a bar and play music (yes some people are) doesn’t mean fans can’t cheer you on.

F2S FanSay App Patent Pending

As a fan you can cheer on artists and performers at home. Would you like to laugh at or with all those talk show hosts who are at home? You could if they had a virtual audience server, or VAS, like Fan2Stage or even F2S.Live. The difference is the size of the audience.

F2S.Live is a cloud based VAS that lets up to 5000 people participate in a show. Try doing that with a zoom call. While TV studios held a couple hundred and maybe up to a thousand, we know that a home audience can get a little bigger. F2S.Live doesn’t have the power that the full Fan2Stage servers offer. For 90% of the at home artists that just want to hear from fans, F2S.Live will fit the bill and cost less than two cups of coffee a month.

If you want to hear from your fans, get F2S.Live today. If you want to be heard as a fan, download the app for FREE!


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