F2S is the Fan 2 Stage System that allows the show to go on no matter where you are and no matter where your fans are. In todays world of technology, the fans are still out there. They might not be able to buy tickets to the show and be there in person, but they can be there in person and you can hear from them.

F2S Live is the Online version of Fan2Stage and is priced so that artists at every level can connect to fans. Our plans start as low as $9 per month or $90 per year if paid in advance. Host a comedy show at home, a podcast, a live talk show, play some music or teach a class. Just like a live audience your fans can clap for you, laugh with you and cheer you on. Being on stage is about giving the fans a performance they connect with. With F2S, you get instant real time feedback.

F2S lets you see how many fans are logged into your show and gives you the realtime feedback to see how they are responding. Just because they can’t see you in person, doesn’t mean you can’t see how they feel about your work.

F2S because the show must go on!