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What is F2S?

Yesterday I was asked “What is F2s”? Well, F2S is the Cloud Version of the Fan2Stage® Virtual Audience System.

You may not know me, but I am an “E-List” actor and the creator/host of COOLTOYS TV. Many years ago, I realized I liked a live audience way better than just studio work. Even the laughter of a crew of 30 on set helps. For COOLTOYS, one camera operator during the pandemic wasn’t the same.

Live Feedback Makes The Show!

Opening the Q&A and Chat forms on the COOLTOYS TV live streams were good, but trying to read the questions and keep the show on track didn’t really work well either. What Josh and I wanted was a way to get real feedback from real fans we could see them logged in, but couldn’t really read the chat until after the show.

My favorite work on TV was always shows in front of a live audience and I wanted one for COOLTOYS. The goal of COOLTOYS® TV from day one was a large studio and a live audience.

CoolToys TV on F2S Live

The Virtual Audience System

The idea of the Virtual Audience System was born as the pandemic grew and it was clear that live events were going to be put on hold for a long time. My stepdad and I were discussing the national collegiate hockey championship. It was about to happen at the University of North Dakota without fans. Since he is a big boss there, I decided I might be able to help and the idea for Fan2Stage is it.

After that conversation, I returned to live streams of COOLTOYS TV. While building the Fan2Stage Server, I realized not all artists at home have the ability to buy or build a Fan2Stage server. The technology is patent pending and I did have a idea to sell it as software. but that would still be a few hundred bucks.

My programmer friend was close by. I asked him “can you make this cloud based, and keep it under $10 a month so everyone can afford it”. He said yes and F2S.Live began.

Like all programs there were a lot of bugs and getting work done at a social distance wasn’t easy. As of today, August 22nd, 2020 the full beta test has started. We ( Fan2Stage) are looking for artists to sign up and help us test. The App will be available on the Google play store in a day or two and hopefully the iOS version is not too far behind.

What is in it for the artists willing to help us get this going? Access to all of the users that download the F2S app and no fees for three years. Talk about a great way to increase your fan base.

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