Your Fans Are Out There – Can You Hear Them?

Your fans are still out there., make sure you hear them.

Fan2Stage knows that your fans are still out there and you want to hear them. They want to be heard too! The pandemic and social distancing may be here to stay for a while. That doesn’t mean you can’t lose your fans.

The Virtual Audience System by Fan2Stage is great for TV shows, larger venues that have some ability to social distance and drive in style shows. But what does an artist do when they just want to host a live show from home or a small studio? That is what F2S.Live is for.

The F2S.Live system is a cloud based version of our Fan2Stage virtual audience system. It has a couple of different features for smaller shows, and we are adding more features regularly. If you want to hear from you fans, sign up for F2S.Live and stay connected with them.

Home Bound Artists Studio with your fans and fan2stage

You can’t put on a great show if you have to stop and read the chat box every five minutes. I know, I have tried. You need instant feedback from your fans. More importantly your fans need to see and hear that feedback too. Fan2Stage and F2S are patent pending technology that let you do just that. You get instant feedback that you and the fans can hear.

When we first started shooting CoolToys® Live I tried to use the chat feature to connect with fans. We both know it isn’t the same and honestly doesn’t work to help the show. Maybe a podcast or live talk show can use chat, but it is really difficult to control the flow. With Fan2Stage and F2s you get the fan feedback you need without the distraction of reading a little chat box.

I use F2S.Live for CoolToys.TV and I know it will help you better connect with fans and put on a better show with them.

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