Live Shows - Virtual Audiences!

Fan2Stage is Free till 12/31/21

Fan2Stage is Free! Why? Because we get it, Fan2Stage isn’t working exactly as we had designed it to work so we dropped the price while we work on it and build a better virtual audience system for you If you bought a plan you should have seen a full refund already. We can’t make it …

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Live-Stream Sports Need A Live Audience!

Live-Stream sports want to hear your cheers and jeers. If you are a sports fan at home watching live, you might be able to be a real part of the audience. With the Fan2Field version of Fan2Stage, sports teams can very easily add a live audience to the game. All you need is a speaker …

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New Look For Fan2Stage

Fan2Stage is about to get a new look. As we split the app into different areas, we felt like F2S needed a little more. If you want to check out the new look, click here. We realized that Fan2Stage could do more than just keep artists and hosts connected with their fans. Fan2Stage adds life …

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